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Old BMW motorcycle -- installing conventional indicator switch Answered

The old BMW motorcycles have a rather special indicator switch, which is different from modern BMWs and (almost all) all other bikes.

The conventional system is one button for everything (left, right, cancel), but the old BMW system has three buttons (one on the left for left indicator, two on the right: one for right indicator and one for cancelling). I really, really hate this old BMW system and I was wondering whether it would be possible to install a conventional indicator switch.

I have found the wiring diagrams, but I have no idea whether what I want to do is feasible. Would this be possible?


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6 years ago

It should be possible, but you'll probably have to rewire the whole indicator system (not just swap out a switch).

You may also have to resign yourself to an ugly mess around the new switch, because it's a good bet that the new switches don't just slot into the space left by the old ones.

I would consult a dedicated BMW forum, or consult a specialist for advice.