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Old LCD Monitor converted to a light panel - how do I keep it lit? Answered

I picked up an Acer LCD monitor that has a fault in the panel. I've stripped the panel off and want to use the remaining LED-lit screen and diffusers as an illumination panel. The panel turns on fine, but when the control board senses that there is no video source attached, it shuts the backlight down.

Is there a way of 'spoofing' an input (it has VGA and HDMI ports) so that the control board thinks a monitor is connected and keeps the backlight on?



15 days ago

Easiest option would be to just trace back what signal turns on the backlight.
It is controlled through PWM by the electronics (brightness) and something gives the power to drive it.
If that is too hard you can try to find what gives the signal from the display part, usually a 5V or 3.3V signal that goes high once the elctronics "see" a video signal.