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Old Phone That Can Play Games? Ideas... Answered

Hi guys, so I was recently talking with my friend Omar about random stuff, and (like always) our conversation somehow got really off track and we ventured into the history of old phones (Nokia 3310...breaking everything we touch since 2000). We somehow got to thinking about how old bar style phones could be useful for the making community. My thought (which I incidentally shouted out as loud as a human can go) was this: what if we could put a really basic game onto the phone? Would it be possible with the current hardware? Maybe...and the controls are there, most phones have a D-pad with 12 keys (which could be special function keys in the game). I was thinking of games along the line of Doom, or any old FPS game...but in retrospect, that would be ambitious, and to be practical, a stick man game would probably be the minimum. 

So my questions are: a) would it be possible for the hardware on the phone to be wiped of all software and would it be good enough to support the code. b) is it even possible to reprogram the phone, or even get some sort of bootloader onto the device? Probably not. And if not, is there any other way to put a game or any file onto the phone's hardware... I guess that's it. In general, would it be possible, and if yes, could anybody give me a few starters so I could try to do it?



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11 months ago

does anyone have any idea on how to add nold games onto a phone such as an "XOX" phone


6 years ago

In general no it's cannot be done. A phone like the Nokia 3310 are not reprogrammable. The firmware that runs the phone is hard coded into the chips. Besides the hardware cannot support anything beyond the snake game that came with the phone. Even 1st and 2nd gen iPhones struggle with games like Doom. Old school cell phones didn't need vary much processing power to act like a phone. The advent of smart phones is what really got the market moving towards 90's era processing power in a phone.

However the LCD in the phone is commonly used in maker projects of all sorts.