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Old Presario 2100 laptop screen to be used at a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame? Answered

i have the laptop screen from a Presario 2100, and im wondering if there is any way I could wire it to be used as a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?



8 years ago

hey i have the same problem i do have the mother board still can you help me but the computer has a virus and i dont have the cd


10 years ago

If all you have is a screen... The short answer is, NO. The long answer is, it's entirely possible but the costs and difficulty are high. For either use, you'll need parts that are expensive and not always readily available. The cash you'd spend on this idea could probably buy you a very nice digital picture frame, a decent netbook, or a low-end notebook. If you have the computer, reassemble and repair it and it can do either of the things you mentioned with some freely available software. If you don't sell the screen on Ebay to someone who needs it.