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Old Screen Answered

Hello, i have a question and this is definitely the place to ask! So I wanted a thing that vibrates so i opened up an old cell phone that i meant to throw away, but when i opened it i thought i could find a use for its screen as well so the question is what can i do with a screen from an old nokia 6610


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10 years ago

In general, LCD screens gutted from electronic devices, monitors, etc are tough to reuse unless you are a manufacturer with access to the proprietary drivers/code and circuitry to drive the LCD panel. If the LCD panel was integrated into a mobile device like the phone or laptop, the less of a chance you have of figuring out how to hack it. That said, if some things were built to take RGB or composite signals directly, you might have better luck with hacking it into something else. But nothing is impossible if you want to work at it.