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Old Tv Speakers and Subwoofers Answered

i have an old sansui tv, but ijust want to use its 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers, i means to convert it to only sound system, please help


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Another thing I should mention:

If you can find a copy of the service manual for this TV, that document will contain circuit diagrams, showing you what wires go where, and what voltages they should have on them. You know, the kind of information that would be useful to someone trying to repair this TV.

Moreover there are sites out there, giving away these kind of manuals for free, in PDF form.

As an example:


I think that particular site is mostly legit, or I seem to recall having downloaded manuals from them before. The only annoying thing they do, is the download page inevitably has two or three, fake "download here now" advertisements, that kind look like the real download button, but are actually just there to waste your time, and send your browser to God knows where.

I think the real download mechanism for that site, has a CAPTCHA, "I'm not a robot", puzzle to solve.

I dunno. It seems to be a common problem when searching for any kind of free document that is not hosted by an official source. Which makes me think, there is real possibility the official, manufacturer's web site,


might have the service manual for this TV. I just had not tried looking for it there yet.

Final thing I should mention, is it helps if you know the actual model number of the thing for which you want a manual. I noticed this thing has the words, "Hard Rock 21", on the front, but usually the official model number is on a nameplate,


on the back. Usually it is paragraph sized block of text, with manufacturer, model number, date of manufacture, and other info, e.g. what kind of mains power it wants, like 110 or 220 VAC.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Hey, a Sansui! That is good brand! Almost as good as Sorny, or Magnetbox!



Well it must have had good sound, what with it having 4 speakers, instead of the usual just 2 small ones, and also you wanting to save that part, the sound-making part, for some reason.

I am imagining, somewhere inside your old TV, there must be some big audio amplifier IC, probably a big fat thing, bolted to some metal somewhere, to act as a heat sink for it. There's also big electrolytic capacitors and stuff, like maybe for DC blocking, that are an essential part of the audio circuits; i.e. stuff that is needed for that, but that could not have fit on the IC itself.

The reason the IC is important, is because I think it can give you clues to how the audio circuits work. That is if the IC happens to have a number printed on it, and supposing a data sheet can be found from that number, then the information contained in that data sheet will give you lots of clues about how that IC works as the main part of an audio amplifier, including useful information like which pins are the inputs, and which are the outputs, and which pins are for power, and similar useful information.

Another clue for finding this IC, is that all the wires from all those speakers are going to be sort of trailing back to it, although there might be other things along the way, like those DC blocking caps I mentioned, or maybe some crossover filtering mojo, for to direct the low frequencies to the sub-voofers, and higher frequencies to the other two, smaller, speakers.