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Old box spring raised/ container garden or planter? Need creative folks' input. Thanks Answered



Marcaine Art

7 years ago

We just got some new beds and was deciding how to get rid of the old boxsprings and thought they would make great raised gardens for square foot gardening. I would love to know what happened with your attempt and I will share pics of mine when I get it under way.


9 years ago

Not too hard.  All of my garden is in raised boxes now.

Get it to the size you want the box to be or use it as is.  You need to be able to reach the middle with out stepping inside the box if possible.

Clear the area where you are going to place it.  If you can get all of the grass and weeds up that's great but most stuff won't grow up thru the garden soil you are going to put on top.  It can be placed on concrete like a patio if you want but you'll have to water a little more often that way.

Fill it with top soil, garden soil or a mix of both.  Guy good soil.  It might cost a little more but you're only going to buy it once.  You can add peat moss, manure and mix it all together well.

When it's filled water it all in and then add more if necessary.

Plant your stuff.

Maintain your garden.  It will be very easy to keep it weed free since the dirt you bought should be weed free.  You'll have to find the right watering schedule.

When it's ready harvest and enjoy.

There are lots of sites that have good info.  Like this, or this.

There are even some instructables on this.

Or just g00gle "raised garden" or something similar.