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Old headphones made into speakers Answered

Hey guys. If you want to cur the crap skip to the third paragraph. So I found this speaker in a voice recorded message greetings card thing and it's pretty loud for it's size, so I decided to put it in place of a headphone on my old iPod headphones. I Took apart the right bud and soldered the + - wires to the speaker, and it worked first time. My problem is now that some songs have say guitar coming through the right speaker and bass through the left. I decided to try and mount the speaker below the split. The thing is, I'm not sure which are the + and - wires. I know that speakers work by changing between + and - to make the diaphragm move, but when I mounted the speaker where the ear bud was, it was easy as there were 2 wires. Below the split there are 4. So my question is. Does it matter what 2 wires I pair together to solder at one port? The colours are Blue, Red, Green, and Red/Green intwined.


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12 years ago

the plug of the phones has 3 entries. the tip is left + and then follow right + and common - the left and right can be swapped freely the + and - of a speaker can be inverted freely but if only one is inverted you may get some w00tness in the 3D feeling of the sound if one speaker is connected between right and left (and not one of them and the -) then its gonna output really w00t stuff (sometimes quite cool) take a small 1.5 V battery (not high quality and not rechargeable ! they may damage the speaker) and connect it with wire 1 to the largest part of the headphones plug when you touch the 2nd wire to the tip or to the center entry of the plug you should hear in one speaker only. if you hear in both thats the problem