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Old instructable needs to be unpublished, but it won't let me. Answered

I have a couple of instructables that I need to unpublish (not delete). But when I try to unpublish it, it won't let me, saying that since it was entered in a contest, you have to remove it from the contest before unpublishing it.

The said contests have been over for a long time now, and I don't want these instructables sitting around anymore.

Can someone help me?



8 years ago

Which Instructables in particular are you wanting to unpublish?


Reply 8 years ago

Just my "iPod 5 Gum Case" and my "Makeshift power supply for a guitar pedal".

DJ RadioStumpChunkman

Reply 8 years ago

I think ibles should allow you to unpublish or delete ibles that were entered into contest if they have ended and you weren't a winner or anything.

Any reason why it isn't like this already? I attempted to delete 2 ibles that were in contests about a year ago, and I managed to do that by deleting all content in the ible and replacing it with (REMOVED BY AUTHOR) in the title and text.

StumpChunkmanDJ Radio

Reply 8 years ago

I think the original reason might have been that if someone is going to enter an instructable into a contest it should be some of their better work. I'll talk it over with the team and see if it's a problem. There's less then 5 instructables in a year that people want to remove from contests, so I don't think it's a huge problem.