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Old laptop screen to digital signage? Answered

I've been browsing around the site and see plenty about converting old whole laptops into picture frames but I'm hoping to make a digital sign to play video and such and am, so far, unable to figure out how to change the projects to work for my purposes.

I have an old laptop monitor that is no longer attached to its original unit due to manufacturing defect and I hope to convert it to a digital sign for the front window of the student union office at my college.  I thought it best to ask here before trying to convince the electrical engineering class. xD

Thoughts? Insights? Links to instructables that might assist?



8 years ago

Are you talking about just the LCD panel ripped from a laptop or a standalone display monitor unit that is plugged into a laptop? You would have to know what kind of signals it takes for the input like RGB or composite. LCD screens detached from the laptop are usually useless unless you have the drivers, driver electronics, and a suitable interface to get data to display. Any pics or model numbers?


Reply 8 years ago

Well, I do have a spare stand-alone monitor I can spare for the project if need be but I was hoping to use the LCD screen detached from the laptop.

The screen itself is ripped out of a Dell Inspiron 1525 and was working for quite some time after several of the wires were cut by the faulty hinges that came on the computer. As for the S# I am not sure exactly which one you want as there appear to be several so I'll just provide pictures at some point soon.