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Old microwave request!!! Answered

hey there fellow makers! i am currently trying to build a tesla coil and i am looking for microwave transformers. is there anyone who would be willing to donate a broken or used microwave?



2 months ago

I've seen them beng sold on eBay - but shipping is probably expensive.


2 months ago

This is the type of thing Craigslist is good for. If you are not somewhere that people really use Craigslist, maybe you could put up some flier on the town in which you live? You will likely get a much better response asking locally than on the internet. Either way, be careful. Microwave components are dangerous.

Jack A Lopezrandofo

Reply 2 months ago

Microwave oven parts (i.e. HV transformer, rectifier circuit, magnetron tube) are particularly dangerous when energized. That is to say there is danger of getting shocked by the high voltage, and/or burned, cooked, blinded by microwaves emitted by the magnetron tube.

Maybe that is what you meant.

I mean, as opposed to those dangers present when these parts are not energized, not connected to electric power... like, for example, the danger of dropping the transformer on one's foot, or tripping over it.

Josehf Murchison

2 months ago

Go out on garbage day and pick one out of the garbage would be your best bet.
MOT (High Voltage Microwave Transformer)
If you plan to stack the mots, matching microwaves would be best, so advertise for an exact make and model or buy new.
If you plan to salvage the high voltage wire from the mot, that almost never works out easier to buy off the net or salvage from vintage TVs and CTRs is your best bet Like in this Instructable:


2 months ago

Don't bother too much with them.
I am in the same boat in terms of needing cheap copper wire that is rated for high voltages.
PRoblem is that most microwaves are now produced dirt cheap and the coils use Aluminium wire instead of copper.
To make it look good they coat it in the same color as copper :(
If you know the regular sizes for these transformers than you can spot the Aluminium ones by their sligthly bigger core.
And trust me: There is only enough on a microwave transformer for a small sized coil and you really don't want to join wires for this.

You are only dealing with relatively low differences in voltage between the turns of the secondary.
And of course you need to add a good layer of insulating varnish to prevent corona effects and the wires vibrating.
With that and mind and from good experience in the past I might be able to offer a "cheap" alternative.
You can get Bonsai wire made from copper as well as Craft or Hobby wire that is actually enamelled copper wire.
The later is often available in a wide range of colors.
But as with transformers you need to check before buying as even those wires now come in aluminium but the good old copper stuff is still available in a lot of hardware and good gardening shops.
Usually you find a small roll for around 5 to 15 bucks depending on diameter and actual length.
For a small coil that is sufficient but it can pay of to ask the special order desk if they can get the wire you found in bulk - meaning on a big roll and not a box of 20 small, single rolls.
I was able to get a 200m roll of 0.5mm thick enamelled wire for just under $30AU, around $20US...