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Old mp3-player, what to do with? Answered

Hi everybody!

I was going through some old boxes and found my old Creative Zen Vision:M. It's a bit beat up and the buttons are a bit dodgy but apart from that it's still working.
It would be a waste to just throw it out but I don't really know what I could do with it, so now I'm asking for some suggestions.
Just shout out if you have an idea, nothing is too silly or useless!


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8 years ago

If the buttons are a problem, why not re-case it in something larger and retro, maybe wooden, wiring in larger buttons to replace the dodgy ones?

Make it large enough, you can build an amplifier and speakers into the same enclosure.


Build it all into an article of clothing, such as a hat?


Reply 8 years ago

I do have an old fedora lying around somewhere, so I might just do all three of them...
I'll investigate the possibilities tomorrow.

(if anyone else have any other ideas, just keep 'em coming and we'll see what I decide on)