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Old oil heaters? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knows of any links or anything for the cleaning, maintenance, and lighting of the old free standing oil heaters? Not the kind with blowers and ignitors, just the basic ones that people used to use to heat their houses and such. I have one in my garage from an old railway caboose and would like to use it on occasion in the winter, but the only info I can find on the net is for oil burning furnaces... A totally different animal. Thanks in advance!


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Best Answer 5 years ago

I work on the rr and we occasionally have to clean our cabooses which includes cleaning the heaters. Basically just clean it out as best you can with a shop vac, try and get as much sediment and what not clear that you can. After you fill your tank with kerosene or what ever you're using to burn, light and make sure it works.