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Old tablet PC into wacom like external Answered

So I have a old, half broken Acer tablet PC. (C314xmi, to be specific)
My new asus laptop gets here in a few days, and I know I'm going to miss the tablet functionality. I was looking at WACOM external tablets, and saw they made ones that are LCD screens. But they're like $1000, for something pretty small compared to my 15" tablet.
So I was wondering, can I take the screen off my tablet and turn it into an external monitor that I can also use as a tablet?
So I was wondering if anyone has heard of someone doing this, done it themselves, or has any other info that might help me with my new summer project.
And since you can find old tablets on ebay for like 300-400, this would be a cheap alternative to Wacom setups.


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Lithium Rain
Lithium Rain

12 years ago

I would start with the multitouchpad ible.


Reply 12 years ago

Umm, no, he has one of these, you can fold down the screen and it's like a graphics tablet combined with a display, see what you're drawing right under the stylus, as close as it gets electronically to paper. That's a bit different from a multitouch pad.

Wacom, famous maker of graphics tablets, now has them with integrated displays, so it'd be like with the Acer. But they're expensive. He's asking if it's possible to take off the screen part (at the hinge maybe?) and use it like one, but with so much of the display electronics probably being in the main body, plus power supply and stuff integrated together on the motherboard, I don't see how it's possible.

Heh, several years ago I wondered about getting a graphics tablet but wanted to see what I was doing, got a Fujitsu Point 510 all-tablet PC cheap enough when the market was flooded in new surplus ones. Since it is limited (see the amazing specs) I've always wondered if it could be hooked up to another PC and made to work like, well, one of these new Wacom tablets. Eh, maybe after I've mastered Linux it'll be easy. ;-)