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Old wooden floor repair for dummies? Answered

Our rental house is falling apart. Yes, literally. It's been made fairly clear that if we stay out of our landlord's way, he'll stay out of ours. We had a chair leg go through the floor where one of the boards was weak, and we need to figure out a way to repair it without spending too much or having to get the landlord involved. Short-term solution is to put a big piece of plywood under the chair, but after that gets old, what should we do to actually fix it? I don't really know anything about house fixing or carpentry, but I do have a basic set of power and non-power tools.


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11 years ago

If stuff is actually breaking through the floorboards, that's unsafe and likely in violation of local housing codes & landlord/tenant laws, so you could take legal action against your landlord. One option might be to speak to a local Fair Housing lawyer about the details of how and when, and then to have someone come and fix the floor properly, pay them and withhold that amount from the rent. (But again, be sure you have valid local legal advice behind you before you start anything like this.) Otherwise, the plywood sounds like a not-too-bad temporary fix. The real way to fix floorboards is to pry up the unsound ones and replace them with sound. (The replacements don't have to be new and pretty, just sound & level.) I can't think of anything else safe enough to mention.