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Olympus camera question? Answered

I have several Olympus lenses for my old SLR camera. If I buy an Olympus DSLR will the lenses fit it? (unless anyone can direct me to a way to fit the lenses to my Fuji finepix S5500



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Best Answer 10 years ago

You can get adapters to fit the lens to your new Olympus camera.

In fact you can get adapters to adapt "almost" any 33mm lens to an Olympus dslr.  I know this for a fact since I use an Oly dslr daily.  I use several different brands of lenses on it.  Like the Pentax 100mm or Minolta 50mm and bellows for my macro lens.  I've got a Canon 250mm lens that works well.

The down side is that they are not automatic anymore.  They are manual focusing and manual diaphram. 

I know of NO adapters that will mate digital lenses to the Oly and make them work autofocus and auto exposure.