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On Hiatus... Answered

HI all! I find myself in a very serious time crunch at the moment. I have several high priority projects at work that I absolutely need to finish up, plus I may not even have a job a month from now (which would be a Very Bad Thing, since I'm here on a work visa...)

All in all - I can't really afford this horribly enjoyable time sink which is Instructables. I'll be going "Cold Turkey" for a while, and see if can straighten out the mess I'm in right now. Nose to the grindstone and all that.

So - don't worry, I'll be back - but it might take a while...

Behave yourselves!


PS: If you ever find yourself wanting some help to resist temptation, I have found these tricks from LifeHacker useful in the past:

Geek to Live: Ban time-wasting web sites

If you're curious, I'll be using Method #2 - redirecting to . Naturally, I cannot recommend you do this with instructables.com, but maybe it'll come in handy for you in blocking some other websites. ;-)

Deliver us from temptation, oh IP redirection...


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12 years ago

We'll shoo you away if you can't restrain yourself ;-) Good luck with straightening out your mess, Patrik. Don't take too long.