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One Terabyte Ipod! Answered

i want to take a regular 3.5" hard drive and make a franken- pod of sorts using an ipod. basically, replace an ipod's hard drive with a terabyte hard drive.
its a basic concept i know it can be done  here is a link to one that has been done. but im surprised across the whole internet i could only find one or two...


i can get a new Western Digital terabyte hard drive here- this is an ebay link so i dont know if it will work very well...


i know this franken-pod will be a bit of a brick, but im fine with that. 
i plan on using this in my truck to play through the stereo, and having it portable for long trips/ other cars etc...


-can it be done?
-im sure the power from the ipod internal battery will be insufficient... what can i do about this?
-when this franken-pod is wired up correctly, will it just be a matter of plugging it into itunes and formatting the drive? or do i need to use windows to format the drive to FAT32 or whatever the ipod drives are then letting itunes format it again and add the firmware?

help me out please!



5 years ago

Get a ZIF to msata adapter ( about 10 bucks on Ebay ) and a Samsung MZ-MTE1T0BW 1Tb msata SSD ( About $450.00 ) drive and it will all fit in an Ipod classic.


9 years ago

they make mobile hard drives that will act like a disk changer in your car. depending on the make/model of your head unit it might already be compatible.

or, you can get a head unit with a USB port that's capable of doing MP3 playback and such (they have them at wal-mart, so....pretty much ubiquitous at this point) and just get a 1tb external HD to plug into it.