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One of the most interesting guns you will see today. Answered

For those of you who just stalk the forums here, I have a new instructable. The is a single shot but it has a magazine too, so when you run out of magazine ammo, you just load oodammo in the bullet lock! The bullet lock does not need rubber bands, nor does it interfere in anyway with the magazine fed shooting. And it has very strong hop up!

Check it out: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Gun-OodaHopUp/?comments=all#C0UK34KID1SQGJ6


sonic broom

4 years ago

Nice gun!

I do like to check the forums to see whats new and what not. Do you check it that much?

CorgiCrittersonic broom

Reply 4 years ago

Yeah, I check every day. I check for comments like 20 times a day. XD