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One-time paid Instructables download ? Answered

As someone who just dropped by and spotted an interesting project, I am not interested in a monthly annually renewable subscription. How about offering a one-time payment for a download? I'd pay up to $2 depending on the complexity.

Without this option no money would flow, so looks like a win-win to me.


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5 years ago

These requests have been made in the past by various users but so far with little feedback...
If it is one timer it might be worth to convert the website to a PDF document, or to save the entire website for browser use.
Programs to convert entire websites or just frames or highlighted content are available, many even for free.

I guess it as a matter changing times and user needs.
Back in the day a user was active, now most just want to get what they need without being seen.
After a lot of thinking about it I have to say a pay to download option would be a good thing for a lot of users that just want to do one project.
Quite a lot is available as Ebook and paperback, so the Ible you seek might be already available in a shop ;)
Maybe you should try to get more user involved to raise their voice but starting a forum topic like
"Instead of a full membership, would you pay to download a PDF and if so how much?"