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Only one side of headphone working Answered

I have a bluetooth headphone one side of it is not working. I opened it and found that one side had two wires while other had 3 wires. The side with three wires is not working. You can see in pictures


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

In the first picture, the one with your fingers in it, I see three wires: {green, red, copper colored} It looks to me like the green wire is attached to the solder tab on the left.

Also it looks like maybe the red wire and copper colored wire, like they used to be attached to the solder tab on the right, but that they have been pulled loose somehow.

So, I expect you want to re-attach those; i.e. re-solder the broken ends of the red wire, and/or, the copper colored one, to that solder tab on the right.

The only tricky part about this is, this kind of wire has a very thin, hard, insulating coating (sometimes called "enamel") which must be scraped off, to get to the bare copper underneath, otherwise the solder will not stick to it.

There are a few methods to scrape enamel off this kind of wire. Usually sandpaper, or a sharp knife, will work. Sometimes a flame, from a match or lighter, will work too, to carefully, just burn off the enamel in one place.

There is some discussion about this, in the comments of this instructable,

The rest of my comment is just speculation about which wire goes where.

I am guessing the red and copper colored wire are doubled up, i.e. acting as one wire, for some reason. The reason I am guessing this is because, looking at the other side of that cable, the red and copper colored wires, both are attached to the same spot, labeled "R+", on the printed circuit board (PCB).

By the way, regarding the scribbles printed on the PCB, I expect the nodes labeled, "R+" and "R-" , want to be connected to the (R)ight headphone speaker. Similarly, "L+" and "L-" want to be connected to the (L)eft headphone speaker.