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Make alarm clock louder Answered

I am an incredibly heavy sleeper, and looking for a way to make my alarm clock loud enough to wake the dead.t is not a clock radio; it plays a recorded message. It is 110v AC. It does not have a line out - I tried to add one and plug in amplified speakers, but no luck. I'm capable of soldering but have no idea how to make this happen. I'm stuck on using this alarm because I can record people yelling at me.Thanks!

PS I have tried four alarms at once tuned to odious stations, light timers, things that beep, etc.



7 years ago

Here is an idea to help you wake up. Get a 24-hour timer that plugs into the wall and then plug in a desklamp to it. Set the timer to go off ten minutes before the clock goes off. With the room lit up brightly, it is a little easier to wake up. Set your clock radio to a music station you CANT STAND. When the music comes on in the morning you will not be able to stand listening to rap music or country... or whatever station you dislike.


Answer 7 years ago

Yep - tried it all. I'm a hard case. Thanks for replying!


7 years ago

Go to bed earlier - after you have had enough sleep you should be able to wake up naturally.


7 years ago

An op-amp ? You need an audio power amp, like a LM386

Unplug and then Open up the clock, and take a look how they drive the speaker.