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Open Day at Hackerspaces in the Netherlands (and elsewhere!) Answered

This weekend is a great time to visit your local hackerspace, especially if it's participating in the Hackerspaces Open Day. Most hackerspaces in the Netherlands will be and it's worth checking one out. More information on this here:
https://hackerspaces.nl/2015/03/28-maart-2015-jaarlijkse-open-hackerspaces-dag/ (in Dutch)

Our local hacker- and makerspace, Hack42 in Arnhem, will be open from 10:00 to 22:00 and we have a great programme with something for everyone: lockpicking, computer security, a fun kids activity, free books, lasercutting, 3Dprinting, and soup. All hackers, makers, tinkerers and crafters are very welcome to visit!
https://hack42.nl/wiki/Open_dag (in Dutch)


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