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Open a soild USB flash? Answered

Hi all
Here is my problem, I have a "super talent" USB that it’s badly bended one day and the result is that somewhere inside there is a bad connection. I’ve tried to open it but it seems that it’s bonded solid with the circuit. Any ideas what can I do to open it? Is there a chemical solution? 




8 years ago

Thank for quick response but the problem is that there is not any plastic housing; the PCB is its cover!!
Kiteman the USB is not dead it says USB not recognized... that’s why I will give it a try


8 years ago

when friends have brought me their bent and broken usb sticks to look at, without exception the break has always been exactly at the junction where the 4 copper terminals are attached to the innards by solder. have a look there in your first instance.

With nothing to lose, I'd be tempted to use a fine soldering iron point and melt the plastic at the junction point I talked about but be careful of damaging the components throught the heat - don't just apply forever until it melts through - use a bit of judgement about it ;-)

another place I'd start is using a very fine saw at the copper terminals end, stopping where the terminals meet the innards.

you might also try to break the bond/seal along the edge using either a cutter or heat and use a flat blade to help prise the plastic housing apart. (oops, as Kiteman sez!)

good luck.


8 years ago

If by "bad connection", you mean it's dead and useless, it's worth risking power tools.

I would use a cutting disc on a rotary tool and cut around the edge of the memory stick, then prize apart with a short blade.