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Open source tracking solar concentrator is go. Answered

Meant to update on this here a while back.

For nearly two years now I've been developing the prototype for a solar energy device makeable from scrap and recycled materials, using very basic tools and skills.
It's now working, details available here:
Facebook group here.

This has been possible largely due to the awesome help and support I received through this site.

Currently I'm back in New Zealand, preparing the first free workshop on the device's construction and use, taking place the three weekends after Easter at the Tui community, Golden Bay. Then back to Europe for the summer and tour this thing around.

Animated tutorials will be available at www.solarflower.org as soon as I find a spare second to do them and finish the website.

My God I'm busy.


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10 years ago

It's great to see the finished thing, thanks for the update (I've followed the development for what must also be years)