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Option for no auto-formatting Answered

In my recent instructable I was *more than slightly* annoyed that the new editor does simply not what I want it to do.

Seperating the Text from some calculations with a blank line?
Adding a few blanks to shift things a bit in?
Nah, authors don't need that anyway, do they?

But we want that!
If we put a hell lot of work into quality projects, pictures, writeups, we want to be at least able to do the layout the way we want. Sure, if you're a pro everything can also be done by editing the html code, but the code generated by the editor is compleatly unformatted and definitly not intended to be read or modified by humans.

So pleeease do something about this issue. It really bothers me.

- nqtronix

PS: It does work well in this editor, so where's the issue?!



4 years ago

We either need more monkeys or bigger bananas....

When again was the last time the code monkeys fixed a long existing problem?

Can't really remember right now...


Reply 4 years ago

But that "feature" was intetionally added, how can it be that hard to remove it again? That'd be a few lines of code added like:

if (autoformat box ticked)


//enable autoformat;






I've never done programming for any website, else I'd offer to fix it myself.


Reply 4 years ago

The sad thing is that editing problems are long existing and that is now fix in sight.
I would not mind using an external HTML editor for the creation but this also fails due to thw way how pictures and videos are embedded, so you always have to add the stuff from hosting sites and double check if all links are correct.

Every half decent foum offers a proper two way editor.
Simple mode for fast text replies and a more advanced one with highlighting, color and embedding options.
Especially for replies it is often hard to impossible to include proper graphics or create the text in a suitable way.
We have Instructables for creating Instructables using HTML to overcome some of the problems - that should tell the Code Monkeys enough, especially considering the tutorial is already 6 months old...


4 years ago

Yes I have the same problem it drives me nuts, also cutting and pasting does some unexcepted gaps and blank lines. My lasted pet peeve is when I look at the draft instructable, either in the preview mode or by
clicking on in in draft, I cannot click on the photos to proof read the
notes, or get an idea of how that step will look.
Also i used to able to sent the preview link to a friend, so they could
also proof read it and give me feed back, that now doesn't work either.