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Orange pi's 3.3V on board regulator Answered

Hi everyone,
I've set up a mediacenter with openelec on my orange pi PC. I've put a large heatsink on cup and rams and a small 5V 0.15Ah cooling fan. With two switches I am able to switch it on and off and choose between 5V or 3.3V alimentations from the GPIO. The 3.3v is intended to spin that fan not at full speed to reduce noise while watching film or listening to music with the mediacenter.
I left the PC all the night open downloading torrent, and the morning later the fan wasn't spinning anymore. I powered off the system and used a day later. The fan were at that moment working.

So my question are:
Is it better to put an external voltage regulator (lm317)?
Anyone can explain what happened?
As I recently discovered that with zener diodes we are able to clamp the voltage to a specific value (if putted in the "opposite" direction, I guess), I was thinking if it were possible to use one of them in this case.



2 years ago

Why not go the normal route with 12 or 5V supply voltage for the fan and a temp sensor for the speed control?