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Ornament Contest Questions Answered

I have a few questions about the Ornament Contest:
1. What brand/type of Printer will be used to print the final designs?
2. Where will the designs be printed?
3. How many copies of the final 8 designs will be printed? will there just be one or will the whole tree be covered in copies of those 8 ornaments
4.Can the ornament require assembly, or should it be ready to hang straight off of the printer?
5. Can we request that our ornaments be filled with plants?


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6 years ago

Some answers:

1) The ornaments will most likely be printed on an Objet Connex printer.

2) The designs will be printed at Pier 9 (Instructables HQ) unless we can figure out a way to get them printed elsewhere. In which case answer #1 may not be correct.

3) One copy of each winning design will be printed.

4) Ideally the ornament is ready to hang out of the printer without extra assembly.

5) You can request it. It's at the White House's discretion whether they actually do it.