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Other Inbox? Answered

Has anyone tried this yet? I've been bogged down my so much stuff I don't want in my GMail account (and the spammers have gotten around the plus-addressing trick). It says its in private beta, so has anyone been able to sign up?


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12 years ago

. I haven't used it, but going by the description on their web site, it's like the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-all_(Mail) catchall] account on my mail server. If I were to give you my e-mail addy, it would be alex87@my.domain. When you send me mail, since I don't actually have an alex87 account set up, it goes to catchall and I let my mail client sort it out. If I start getting SPAM at alex87, I just create that account and set it to send all msgs to the bit bucket.
. PS: I signed up on the OtherInbox waiting list. If I get an invitation, I'll forward it to you. I was able to get a pre-public invite to GMail from a guy on IRC, you may be able to do the same for OI.