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Other media besides plastic? Answered

So I recently started looking into some of the 3d printing stuff as a way to make a number of laboratory items that are not easily had other ways. 
While 3D printing seems really promising, i'm noticing there's not alot of work being done on non-plastics.
Are there resources out there for 3D printer enthusiasts who want to use metal or ceramics in there creation? 

Off the top of my head, i can think of a few ways that they could be encorporated into an existing 3d printer (metal and ceramic powders in a wax binder that can zapped with a laser to fuze it into place), but I'm only just barely getting into this and i'm really not looking to reinvent the wheel simply because i didn't know that it's already been done. 

If plastic went entirely by the wayside, pieces that could be cured in a conventional oven could be printed, but fully cured, ready to go products are sorta the point of a 3d printer. 


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6 years ago

You could look into the service bureaus like Shapeways or Ponoko that do give you the choice of materials to 3D print with. Laser sintered materials if you want to read up on the process. Other than plastic printing is done with high end machines but nothing really affordable for the DIYer unless you create your own machine which is difficult to do. Also, the big 3D machine companies like Stratasys are starting to impose their patent rights so that might put a dent in technology marketed for the DIYer. There are 3D printers out there made to use pancake batter, concrete, and other extrudable materials though.