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Other options for cutting ? Answered

I give you a lot of credit for making very nice looking items from raw stock. I would recommend that you use your cable drill to more of it's potential. There are side cutting bits you can use for that machine that would speed up your cutting/removing stock to get closer to your pattern faster than using a scroll saw. Also for a small investment you can buy a powered Scroll Saw for Home Depot, Lowes, eBay or from Craigslist that would free up you time to design more and cut your cutting time exponentially. The longer the cut lengths are the more time you'll save. New machines are from $100.00 or so to $400.00 or more.

Another recommendation that would I'd like to give you would be to cut all your holes from the full piece of stock instead of cutting the large piece into individual pieces first. It's a lot easier to hold the large piece while cutting the holes instead of 3 smaller pieces.

The last piece of advise, use a figure 8 motion when wet sanding. This gives the most uniform look if your trying to get a glossy/mirror finish. It removes the material evenly without the grove lines repeating in the same sanding direction if using other methods.

Happy jewelry making.