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Outside lounge chair Answered

We have an outdoor lounge chair used for sunbathing. The one we have has a metal frame with fabric stretched across. Recently the fabric part ripped, leaving the chair unusable. It kind of looks like the one in the photo, except on ours, the fabric on the 'back' of the chair is separate from the fabric on the 'body' of the chair.

(Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to post an image. :P)

Surely there is an instructable teaching how to make an outdoor lounge/sunbathing chair, though I couldn't find one. Anyone know of one or know how I can fix the old chair?


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10 years ago

Check to see how the fabric was attached to the chair and if you can get it off to make a repair. It may be sewn on as a cover or the edge pressed into a channel with some rubber or plastic strip to wedge it in like a window screen. You could pry it out with a screwdriver. Make a repair by patching it with some some "outdoor" fabric, maybe from an old patio seat cushion or get replacement webbing for a lawn chair. If it is impossible to reuse or get the fabric out of the channel groove, maybe just make a fabric insert with grommets around the edges. You can then wrap it around the frame like a sail or catamaran deck using paracord. Good luck.