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Oven cleaner on alloy rims Answered

Years of filth on my Suzuki's rims. Just sprayed it on left for 15 minutes then washed it off!! Be careful obviously it caustic. Eyes and skin protection advised.


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1 year ago

There is one problem with the procedure....
As it states on basically all oven cleaners: Do NOT use on Aluminium!

You noted it is caustic and that is true.
With that comes the removal of the oxide layer that is protecting the aluminum - or/and magnesium if an alloy.
result is that if the aluminium does not have enough (dry air) time to
build up a thick enough oxide layer again the rim will quickly show
signs of even worse wear and tear than before.
A common misconception is that polishing and waxing the aluminium after such a procedure is a good thing.
is only true if the material is properly polished - especially in those
hard to reach places when the tyre is left on the rim.
Properly here means that the wax from the metal polish is removed with acetone or similar to get the blank aluminium back.
Only then the oxide layer can form.....

I have done a few aluminium restaurations and tried various methods that exclude adding things like varnish or wax.
Only if left untouched and in a dry enviroment these things work good enough.
For everything else I prefer to anodize the things once polished and cleaned.
If in doubt in color...
bigger things this is a bit hard on a hobby level, but 2 or three weks
in the right enviroment will be enough to provide a thin protective
layer again.


1 year ago

That's a cool tip. Someone should post a full Instructable showing the safety precautions and step-by-step of applying it. I imagine that you won't need to do this again any time soon. :)