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Overhead Projector Answered

I have 2 overhead projectors that blow their bulbs. At $18-20 apiece I don't have the money to experiment with them anymore to figure out why. Has anyone got an idea how to convert one to use something like a standard Halogen or Xenon light? I would also need to keep the fan functional as well since any strong light is going to get very hot. I use them in my fiber art studio to project ideas onto paper for patterns.


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Reply 13 years ago

Sorta. My projector is one of those contraptions used in schools where the teacher has clear overlays of info that is placed on the top of the light source and then the magnifier is above that and can be raised or lowered to focus on the screen so everybody in the room can see what the teacher is showing. It has a clear glass top and is not closed in like the projector you are referring to. However, I can't see where the style of projector would make any difference and this certainly merits a try. I'm sure the lightbulbs are significantly cheaper. I will be checking this out ASAP. Thanks for the help. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.