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PLEASE send me parts link's to the the parts i need to make vga monitor into tv using a digital tv box a lot of us had to buy to make our anolog tv's work --when the antenna switch to digital -and stopped anolog broadcast -dtv box is any brand name - digital  antenna in and anolog out -it has 3 rca jack and rg-59 coax tv input and out put---i have a medical issue and thinking is slowed down -so i request the links to tha part i need to make it work --i see a lot on ebay and amazon--but its greek to me so far --im sure there is a way --thanks for your support --i have the digital tuners and monitors i need to know the web links to the parts i need to adapt   it together --audio i should be able to figue out but just in case --can someone steer me in right direction


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

Hey Dave!  I like the converter you found.  The GeniaTech-V2Vpro
I would have posted this as a reply to that comment, but for some reason I'm not seeing a "reply" button attached to it.  Anyway this post is intended as a reply to that.

As I was saying, I like that converter:
It looks like it's better, than the one I linked to, basically with more features, for just a few USD more in price.  Actually its probably cheaper when you include the cost of shipping, since the one you point to is offered with the option of free shipping.

I found some more info, from the manufacturer, And that page is a lot more clear than the Amazon(r) one.

You know, clarity is good thing to have.   You keep telling me you've got something wrong with your head, or your head and neck both, but in spite of that I honestly feel like we're communicating OK here.

I think everybody has a little bit of trouble with understanding video hardware. I mean there several different standards:  composite, s-video, vga, dvi, etc.  And it wouldn't be so bad, except that they keep creating new ones!   I was looking for a page that sort of explained all the different standards, with pictures of what the connectors look like, and the best I could find was this:

The pictures are there, if you scroll down several lines.

And just to reiterate, I think the signal coming out of your tuner box is composite video (i.e. a yellow RCA jack), and you wanted to change this to a VGA signal (Dsub, 15 pins, usually blue? in color) for to be displayed on an old VGA computer monitor.

Actually, I should ask about that point.  We are talking about just displaying the TV picture on a just a monitor, without a computer attached. Right?

Or are you imagining doing this, through a computer that is running, and then displaying the TV picture in a "window".  You know running as its own little process, with the other open windows on your computer?  All of this being displayed on the monitor attached to that computer.

I mean there are ways to do that too.  I think the hardware that does it is called a video capture cardThis device can be used to sort of pipe a video signal into your computer, where that signal can be displayed in a window, or recorded to the hard drive even.  I think you can find video capture cards for as low as like 15  USD, e.g.

The trouble with something like that is you kind of need to have your computer running while you're watching TV on it.  Also I'm not really sure what it takes in terms of computing power to make that little device run smoothly.  It probably says what specs it wants, e.g. processor, ram, operating system,etc,  in the fine print.  Something else to figure out, but it might be worth it if you also want the feature of storing video on your hard drive,  to edit it, or upload it to Youtube, whatever it is that people with stored video.

Although, I don't know if a 15 USD video capture card is a good video capture card.  I mean they also sell them for 20, and 25 USD, and higher.

There is also something called a tuner card, and that's also for watching/capturing video through a computer.  A tuner card, like the name implies, comes with its own tuner,and the way you change channels is through the software, or sometimes they come with an IR-remote,  but I think the low price for those is around 30 or 40 USD,

And, at that price, we're kind of back into the price range of just a video converter; i.e. something capable of converting composite-video into VGA-video displayable on a old computer monitor.  Just the monitor, and the converter,  and your digital tuner.  Just those three things:tuner, converter, old monitor.  No computer, and no software needed.

I hope what I have written here makes sense, and I hope you find the thing you are looking for.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

I am guessing that those three RCA jacks are output signals, and also guessing that one of them is composite video (typically colored yellow), and the other two are left and right audio channels (typically colored red and white).

There exist boxes to convert composite video to a VGA signal, which can be displayed on a VGA monitor.  Here is one example of such a converter:

I found that one via the following Google search:


Answer 9 years ago

thank you for your support --in another shearch this was given to me http://www.amazon.com/GeniaTech-V2VPRO-Video-converter-SECAM/dp/B000XXZQWQ/
will this be as good or better?? --im on fixed income and decisions come very hard these days -everting does --i can work on my own pc --ok but this is somewhat new to me-- i know it can be done -just getting the right adapter --got to watch my money ---i have this -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkl0iswb8y4
yes--- the dtv box i have is coax rg-59 and yellow -red --white rca jack for vidio L-R--im sure ikm not the only ojne that has thought about doing this -but sio far i have only 2 replys from 2 diff.. sorces


Answer 9 years ago

the dtv digital tuner box conetions R ---Rg-59 conectors in and out --and red yellow-- white--- for video and sound --i dont remeber the funtion order
and adapter i still thingk is needed -about 3 dollars some place on ebay or amazon -im still on the stupid side
thanks for your input
if u think of anyting else pleas let me know
im disabled and even though i can work on my pc --some of this other stuff is greek about now --1 month away from my botox injection neck and back --ever 90 days and pray i get it in right muscles