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PC Case Mod Vintage Cola machine help! Answered

Hi! I'm looking to make a pc case modded after a vintage Vendo 1950's Coca Cola machine. The problem i'm having is fabricating the front to look authentic.  eBay has been a help getting coin returns and bottle openers, but i don't know where to find (or how to make) larger pieces I may need. I was wondering what materials I should use, and are there sites that sell 1950's style grills, chrome parts or metal sheets.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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5 years ago

That should be a fun project as you are really making a scale model of the vending machine. Everything can be built up and attached to the core metal PC case and plastic front bezel. Build up with wood, plastic, or metal. Use wood filler, epoxy putty or bondo to get all the curves and surfaces really smooth. The gloss paint job would probably be key to the final look. I guess you can get real chrome parts but some metallic paints I've used work pretty well. Good luck.