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PC Game Idea Contest Answered

Hey Gamers! Its the 1st annual GameNox PC game competition! You could be the next Game Designer!

Have you ever had a good idea for a game but didn't want to learn to code games? Well now is your lucky day! Just email gamenox@yahoo.com or visit our contest website. The more information you provide the better your chance of winning.

The grand prize winner will receive:  

Your game 5 weeks before it is even released.
The first GameNox game no one else has even seen! 
A free member-exclusive copy of 1945.
Virtual trophy.
A copy of GameNox Browser Flux.
In-game and website credit.

10 random entries will receive:

The winner's game 2 weeks before it is released.
A copy of GameNox Browser Flux.
A free member-exclusive copy of 1945.

Offical Rules:

No purchase necessary. Making purchase will not increase your chance of winning. Open to legal residents of the U.S.
By entering this contest you give GameNox the right to use your first name or a username in game and on GameNox websites.
(C) Copyright GameNox 2011