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PC Hard drive installed into another - how do I make the computer read the new HD and format it? Answered


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5 years ago

you dont need to do anything actually. If you have connected it it should be detected by your computer. First you can verify that if it is detected by hardware.

If you are using windows then right click on myComputer->manage->disk managment option. There you should be able to see your second disk (mostly disk 1). Now just select it and format it or you can delete it and create new partition.

Hope it helps.


12 years ago

if you put the jumpers right and the cable is intact the computer should see the drive

if on same ide cable - set old drive to master and new to slave

if on cable alone - remove the jumper completely in WD and set to master in other manufacturers

in sata drives there is no jumper

if you use linux enter the command fdisk -l (its a lowercase L) and see if the drive appears in the answer. you may have to do that as administrator (root)