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PC Internet connection trouble? Answered


So recently my PC started getting connection trouble at first it said after about 10 mins. Internet connection lost, then I fixed it and it was okay again for about 10 mins etc. But now I have no Internet at all.

A few useful facts
- It's a very old PC but everything else works perfectly fine.
- I have tried the difference between Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer.
- I have Windows XP professional I don't know the bits i'l check and update soon.
- I am using an Internet plug (as shown in the picture.)
- That internet plug works fine when I use it on a laptop (currently using that) even when it is in exactly the same spot/plug.
- For those who are familiar with these plugs: all the three lights are on, and glow steadily.
- The trouble has only started for about a month or two. before that it was perfectly fine.
- The PC nor the router has recently been moved or something.
- Even though my Internet connection is crappy all the other things in our home work perectly fine at the same time (other PC's and the Xbox etc.)

Is there a cheap way to solve this? remember it is an old one so I don't want to spent much money on it. If you feel like there's some info missed out please tell me and i'll try and update that ASAP.




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Best Answer 9 years ago

Most likely the network card or if its on board, the chip, is going bad. You can by new network cards for pretty cheap. They are easy to replace. If its an on board one then you should disable it in the BIOS so the system doesn't try and use the wrong one. A lot of on board network adapters go bad after a while. If you need more specifics let us know.


Answer 9 years ago

Okay, thanks i'll try this first and if it's still bad i will tell you.