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PC Windows7 will connect to network but no internet? Answered

Hello all,

I am having recent issues with my home PC running windows 7. I have working internet with a modem that has a built in router (It's Rogers brand new Hitron modem, the white skyscraper looking one). 

Here is my current issue. When i plug in my PC through a cat5 cable it seems to screw with all internet connections. It gives me internet for roughly 30 seconds (very slow loads) and then eventually says I am connected to my network but no internet.  In turn, this also creates all devices to not have internet acees as well, PS4 hard wired, XBox One hard wired and also my mobile devices connected through the WiFi.

If I unplug my PC LAN cable from the modem, both my wired consoles work and can access internet and same for any mobile device connected to the WiFi.

I have done a bunch of possibly theories to help renew my ip. All my DNS settings within my network adapter are set to obtain address automatically, i have tried net flushes and release/renew with command prompt.. At one point I reset my modem and created a new network, this seemed to fix the problem for about a day or two, but now again it is back to only allowing me to access internet when i do not have my main PC plugged in.

So very strange.

Is there something else I can do? Does my computer have a virus that is hijacking the internet? any info would be much appreciated. I am a big gamer and as much as I enjoy the console, I am really missing getting on the PC

Has anyone every experience anything like this?



2 years ago

If plugging in one device using a Cat5 cable causes problems for other hardware connected (presumably) to the same router, then I'd suggest you might have a bad Cat5 cable. Try again with a known "good" cable.


2 years ago

Might sound stupid but did you bother to manually assign IP addresses to the connected devices?
If not chaos is almost certain as there is no way of telling which device will get a "free" IP address to work with.


2 years ago

It's a trial and error process to troubleshoot the problems. it could be a cable, get a different one. It could be the switch part of the router, I have seen that before, router works fine but the switch for cable connections does not. Plug something else into it and see if the same thing happens.

First you need to figure out which one has the problem. You may need to borrow a different router to find out if that is the problem or plug the computer into a different network to see if that is the issue. Process of elimination.

And yes it could be malicious software. Even your router could have been hacked. Get Malwarebytes from malwarebytes.org site and run it in safe mode.