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PC mouse Mod Answered

I have always wanted to see my electrical usage in real time. However, the watt meters available can not handle whole house wattage. I have an idea but lack the programing skills to pull it off. Use a modified usb mouse to read the dial as it spins and tabulate the totals. Because of the distance through the glass to the meter disk- a laser pointer may have to be used. Required to work: USB mouse Modified mouse driver- must not be recognized as a mouse in the PC customizable display output. Laser pointer? Anyway, if someone could help with the software that would be great- Thanks


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13 years ago

. You can get real close (close enough for most DIY purposes) to Watts by using a clamp-on ammeter and multiplying by yours mains voltage. With a clamp-on, you don't even have to do any wiring - just find a mains line and the ammeter slips onto it. Get an ammeter with serial/USB and you should be able to log to your computer.