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PC speakers to car speakers? Answered

Hi everyone, I am at a dilemma, I have 2 old PC stereo speakers, and since the rear set of speakers in my car are broken, I was thinking it was an easy transplant.

However, when I took them apart, I saw that these speakers are 9V, and the car ones are (obviously) 12V, so I was thinking if it is going to fry them right away, or is it going to sing for some time and then fry them OR if it is going to be just fine.

Also, these are a bit smaller (65mm in diameter) than the car's original ones, and since they are a generic brand and have no wattage rating inscribed on them, I am thinking that they require less W to power. Since the car ones are about 50W and my stereo can supply 4x50W, would that cause a problem one day if i uknowingly cranked up the volume, would that fry them aswell?

I am not using anything big, just a simple stereo, with a simple output, no special equipment whatsoever.

Thanks ahead everyone!

EDIT: I just looked and found an inscription on the transformer in the back of the main speaker:
I/P 240V ~50Hz
O/P 9V ~500mA

That gives me like, what 4.5W? Is that each or altogether? I am thinking these are too old/weak for this :o