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PC to Mobile Workstation Advice Answered

I recently made a old antiquated PC I owned into a mobile work space/storage.
Sadly I thought I wasn't living up to it potential, so I decided to ask the always helpful instructables community for help.
I am looking for any idea that improves the look, functionality, storage, of efficiency of the workstation. (But mostly the first two)

Box Current Specs.
1.5-12V power supply, cant be removed. See picture 1, its the box behind the two probes.
Lots of space, Im not afraid to tear anything out of the box to make room for something better.
Honestly Its pretty crappy at the moment with just some plastic board shelves holding supplies.

I will take any ideas, I would love for this box to become a great instructables project.

Picture 1 is current box, again not afraid to change it.
Picture 2 is raw space, (minus shelving) keep in mind the power supply case could also rig sliding drawers.


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