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PCB Milling: Eagle, Visolate, Lazycam, Mach3? Answered

Has anyone figured this out?
I make a gcode file using visolate for traces and pcbgcode plugin for holes.
I then load the gcode from Mach3 to LCam to adjust the two gcode files so they are "matching."
Problem is, the drill file (or holes) don't show up on lazycam.
Also tried doing this using a dxf from eagle to lcam, but it puts the holes as big circles (I need points) and the "drill selected circles" command doesn't work...
Anyone know what to do? 
I feel like I've been hitting my head against the wall for hours...


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6 years ago

Same problem here! Couldn't figure it out. Just gave up and used pcbgcode for everything.

Have you ever had a bug with Mach3 where the machine isn't actually directed to the coordinates in the code?