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PDFs of some of your e-books do not load Answered

The following e-books show a blank page when you try to open the pdf version of the document:
     1) DIY Lamps, page 2
     2) Easy DIY Plushies for Geeks, page 3
     3) Adhesive Projects, page 4
     4) Duct Tape Bags, page 5
     5) DIY Wedding, page 5
     6) Gifts from the Kitchen, page 7

Another e-book's pdf version did not have a blank screen. Instead, there were a couple of lines of nonsense text and "Access Denied".
The name of this e-book is: Care for Newborns, p7

Please repair these broken links. I'm sure there are other folks out there as frustrated as me.

Thank you,
Teresa "Tess" Weaver


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