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PE backed Heat Reflector Answered

I started using energy saving aluminium heat reflector s being house radiators.

We used a Fixman double sided tape tape as this keeps on peeling off from the PE backing.

DSA is stuck to the wall and it remains tackey!

Can someone recommend a suitable adhesive to keep the reflectors on the wall.


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1 year ago

So far I had no problems with spray adhesive of the "wait and then you have only one chance kind".
If is a polyurethane based rubber cement as far as I know.
It stays flexible enough to cater for the heat expansion of the foil.
However, it will be next to impossible to get off the wall later!
You will need to peel or sand it off unless the glue takes the finnish off the wall with it.
In home depots or cheap stores the stuff also comes in liquid form, somtime called "shoe glue" or rubber cement.
Available in pots you can use a brush to apply a THIN layer or grip on the wall, the spray on kind for the foil backing.
Wait until it feel dry and no longer tacky at all.
Place the sheet carefull without letting it touch the glue on the wall.
Once properly in place press it on, preferably from one side to another or top to bottom.
These roller for wall papers work great if placed onto a long stick.