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P.E. class electronic prop. Answered

Looking for someone who can help me building a agility/footwork timer or creating the schemeplans for it so it can get to work.
Found on YT :(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHHihecy9OI)

Great for sports like badminton and in P.E. lessons (sportsagility)
One controler that choose the direction left/right and times each time the reaction-time.
Timing after 10 runs or as preset is shown as the average time. Endresult for youngster.
I'm creative in P.E. but not in arduino.....
therefore; Heeelp please!!


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1 year ago

How should the times be shown? 7-segment-Display? Serial Port to a PC?
I dont understand how the direction is determined... Is somebody telling the box "next one will be left/right"? Or is it random?

I am sure i can whip something together with an arduino and post the code... Really simple i think... 2 digital in, 2 digital out, Display or some sort.