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PIANO KEY TIE: How could i go about making a piano key tie that actually has keys that play? Answered

So i'm trying to figure out how to make a "piano key tie" that has actual keys that i can play. I want to make this look like a tie so there wouldn't be a whole lot of keys and the keys would be different shapes/ lengths, etc. I want it to be thin and lightweight if possible. The end would be just fabric i'm assuming so it could still be worn around the neck. any ideas are helpful, thanks so much!



9 years ago

 I'd imagine alittle more tech than I'd want hanging from my neck.

I guess depending on how long the tie was. So take that into consideration.

Not that i'm an expert on electronic music creation(?) but i'd say touch sensitive pads, probably a micro-controller involved with a few piezos or something such.

Unless, this is why i'd be weary about the size, you hooked up each pad to a circuit that when activated passed certain amount of electricity(which i would not have the slightest clue how) to a piezo.

If you cannot tell i do greatly love piezos..

And Sorry if this answer is straight garbage.


10 years ago

You could get a record playback IC chip that is self contained then all you need to add is a battery, speaker and intennsional push switch is"membrane" to the tie program the ic with each individual tone. the first one will probably cost around $200 to develop including patch cables and programming manuals but I would think aditional ones could be made much cheaper.. like the new singing birthday cards.

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Answer 10 years ago

Why bother when someone else has already done the work? Poke around kmart, kb toys, anything with ******lot* name scheme and sooner or later you will come across the right key chain sized noisemaker to harvest the brains out of. You just need to come up with a way implanting keys in the tie, there are a lot of solutions, you could scratch build it from foam and foil, use conductive thread, harvest the flexible membrane out of a old computer keyboard.


10 years ago

My idea is rubbish compared to the others but a roll up piano-based tie might do the trick. My point being that there is already everything you need in it already.


10 years ago

just like chrysn says about the interface of the tie, but for a speaker and battery pack I would suggest creating a clip-on style tie with a permanent knot where you could put the speaker and battery