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PIR activated motor - can anyone help me build one? Answered

I am baffled by the techie bits of the various PIR projects that I have stumbled across.  You're all very clever!

I'd like to develop a kids toy whereby a small motor is triggered by movement in the room.

it should:
fit inside a plant pot
be battery operated
use very little or no power when inactive
cost less than £10 / $15 in parts

Is this possible?  Would anyone be willling to help me develop this toy?


Julius (London, UK)



8 years ago

Ultimately there's only so much you can charge for a kid's toy and may need to factor in a shop mark-up etc - that's where I was going with the costing. i guess I need to see if it's feasible and make a proto-type, then see if there's any interest in them commercially.

how about if i made batches of 10??

thanks for answering.



8 years ago

Pricing depends on quantity, how many do you want to make at once ?