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POWER SUPPLY CONSTRUCTION.., Any suggestions? Answered

Hi... I'm working on a design and i'm having a problem with how i can make a power supply for it.
Mainly this what I want to do:

Vin = 220v
Vout 1 = 7v
Vout 2 = 12v
Vout 3 to Vout 7 = 5v

Can anyone help on how i can make this?

Vout1 is for Arduino. Vout2 is for a coin acceptor. Vout3 to Vout7 would be used for servo motors (tower pro mg995)


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8 years ago

How much current do you need on any output?

Why do you need 5 different outputs for 5V? You can combine all the loads on one output.

Do the 7V from output 1 go to a voltage regulator on the Arduino to be regulated down to 5V? If so, skip the 7V to 5V regulator and hook the Arduino directly to 5V.

So, you'd need 12V and 5V. Sounds like a good use for a PC power supply to me. Powerful, cheap, reliable and easy to get.


Answer 8 years ago


Go with an old PC power supply. Don't bother plugging power into the barrel connector on the arduino when you can put 5V directly into the Vin pin on the board.